Champion of Awesome aka Sales and Marketing Manager

Payload Group, LLC

  • Position Status: Full Time
  • Position Type: Job
  • Location: Rochester, Minnesota United States,Duluth, Minnesota United States,St. Cloud, Minnesota United States,St. Paul, Minnesota United States,Minneapolis, Minnesota United States

Job Description

You – have passion and the desire to utilize your abilities across the sales management and marketing spectrum, using your insights, education and raw talent to drive ideation and execution. You see the bigger picture and how all the details are tied together and crave the ability and freedom to implement. You execute well, you produce and you come through. Your work reflects you and you want to be sure you make a difference.
Key Characteristics and Core Attributes:
·       Proactive – You take responsibility for your involvement, growth and success.
·       Flexible / Adaptable – Our world changes often and quickly. You have to roll with the punches.
·       Commitment to Excellence – If it’s worth doing, its worth doing well.
·       Passionate – You take your work personally. It’s not a job, it’s a purpose.
·       Accountable - If it is due, it is on you to deliver. On time. Every time.
A quick list of some of our expectations:
·       Be our champion, brand ambassador and advocate.
·       Help direct, implement and manage a handful of new brands across various categories.
·       Create and manage all aspects of marketing; from brand, packaging, social media, web, product development, design, etc.
·       Research and lead efforts to build promotional partners, sponsorships and build our influence.
·       Seek out and book public appearances and speaking engagements.
·       Conceptualize, plan and capture event photos, video, and content for use in websites, e-magazines, presentations, blogs, collateral pieces, etc.
·       Manage, develop and execute social sites, content, PR, blogs, and identity.
·       Implement and manage multiple websites, SEO optimization and content scores.
You must desire to be involved at a core level across many projects. This isn’t your typical Monday-Friday, punch-in, punch-out, 9 to 5 gig but you will be encouraged to have a life and we work with you to help create balance. The schedule flows with the work load. Savvy?
This is a new position, we are looking for you to get in, learn all of what we do and apply yourself in the best way you know how to help us all achieve excellence.
It isn’t a deal breaker, but in a perfect world, you also can not only manage but use design programs like the Adobe Creative Suite, have an eye for film and photo, can speak Swedish, love to laugh, and have a wicked roll cast (google it if you don’t know what this is).
If you’re all that and a bag of awesome, holla back and let us know.
Climb a mountain! Shout to the hills! Or you could always send one of those resume things.

  • Job Function(s): Marketing and Brand/Product Management, Communications, Public Relations, Sales/Business Development


  • Degree Level: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Admin, Bachelor of Science
  • Desired Class Level(s): Alumni, Graduate Student
  • Desired Field of Study: All Majors

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